Business Broker Bulletin™

Welcome to your monthly Newsletter about Business Brokerage.



My name is Norbert Izsak and I am pleased to introduce you to the Business Brokers’ Bulletin™.

We have started this pioneering and free newsletter in order to fill a void we have identified in the market. We work in a complex industry and there is no single publication out there that addresses the issues that every broker faces.

All over our great country, there are Brokers facing the same issues and difficulties – often with nowhere to turn to have these addressed or discussed.

We welcome all readers to send us your own articles, views, complaints, questions, etc… We want this newsletter to be ever-evolving and become better and better – and we count on your support for that!

We have created 5 sections for this newsletter:

  • The Editorial
  •  Article of Interest
  • Question & Answer Section
  • Events
  • Cartoon

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and I really look forward to hearing your comments.


Norbert Izsak – Editor

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