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Wow! What an excellent feedback we received following the publication of our last (and first) Business Brokers’ Bulletin™.

Indeed, it is long overdue that we had a publication in our industry covering all Brokers Australia-wide.

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to write and express your appreciation for the publication – in particular, I would also like to thank my good friend, Mr Kevin Lovewell of Negotia Group (QLD) who also asked for our permission to use some of the data from last BBB edition in his presentation during the AIBB Annual Conference. Thanks, Kevin!

Well – the editorial section of any publication is the section where the editor can express some of his views. I would like to use this one to put forth a “complaint” against several of the advertising websites that advertise businesses for sale.

Yes, some are serious and efficient – but some are truly becoming completely disconnected from reality. Not only are they increasing their fees past the point of reason, but also they are creating more and more features to be on Page 1 (forcing even more payments). In the end, we the Brokers are the ones who end up having to pay for this if we want our clients’ business to be visible and not at the bottom of a pile of similar listings. Alternatively, this forces us to have to increase our clients’ marketing costs which are also not ideal.

If that were not enough – some of these websites have no policy in place against Vendors placing their advertisements directly on them, which is a direct affront to us as Business Brokers.

Perhaps it is time for the Australian Institute of Business Brokers on a national level, together with the Real Estate Institutes of all states, to write a letter to these websites expressing both our concern and disappointment with such practices. This is creating a truly negative effect in the industry and I believe some actions are necessary.

Do you agree?


Norbert Izsak – Editor

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