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Three tips on how to buy a business

Three tips on how to buy a business

Are you thinking of buying a business? Need some tips? Well, we could give you dozens of tips but let’s start with three. Without these, the others aren’t as relevant. a)   You don’t need to clearly define WHAT you want, but…

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Three tips on how to sell a business

3 tips on how to sell a business

You might be considering selling your business but there are a myriad of questions running through your head. Your first question is “how?”, “and if I choose the wrong way, how does that can affect the price?”, “what about conducting…

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Wow! What an excellent feedback we received following the publication of our last (and first) Business Brokers’ Bulletin™. Indeed, it is long overdue that we had a publication in our industry covering all Brokers Australia-wide. I would like to thank…

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    These works on the NSW market confirms several aspects that have been noted also in the QLD Market such as: around 2/3 of companies are single owner-operator (or with 1 partner/broker). In spite of that, they just list…

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CARTOON: Business Owners Who Do It All!

CARTOON Business Owners Who Do It All

Business Owners Who Do It All! Some businesses can’t survive without the owners trying to do everything themselves. And there are no key employees in place to help manage the operations. Buyers for businesses like these may be concerned if…

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Inventory This is another big issue that brokers must usually face. First let’s talk about commission. Some brokers charge, some don’t. We understand that it is an absolute MUST. It’s not rare that the broker has more problems selling the…

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Upcoming industry events – which we strongly recommend all Agents consider attending: Small Business Festival Victoria – 1 August- 7 September –  Franchise Expo in Melbourne – Aug – 26-27 – Franchise Expo in Perth – May 6 2018 – Franchise…

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